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Desihutti is a pioneer blogging platform offering some explicit opportunity to display innovative writer’s excellence in terms of blogging. We enable guest posts submissions from the creative bloggers prioritizing the high-quality contents shared with our potential readers.  With the collaboration of talent, expertise, clever, brand new ideas and authentic approach, we prefer writers who would aim higher influential audience attraction towards their written piece.

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  • Business

When you write for us travel on Desihutti we enable a space for you to generate opportunity in creating your brand awareness in this competitive market. Through which you can reach a huge number of audiences or readers who will get converted in followers.

The basic criterion, which concerns us, is the posts that are of high quality through which a reader can obtain enough information that will be helpful. Our experts thrive in filtering and short-listing the contents once the content fulfills verification process for getting accepted as the guest’s posts on Desihutti.  Blogs with irrelevant topics are not supported and will be rejected.

Guidelines considered by the writers while submitting a guest post 

  • Content posted must be error-free and unique
  • The content must be original as we reject the contents if we find any copied content
  • The blogs posts must range up to 1000 words or more
  • The contents you submit must be exclusively made for our site and cannot be published on other websites
  • If our expert finds any duplicity we have right to get it removed instantly from our blog
  • Writers must provide a relevant information to the readers that have a certain value
  • If your content requires the highest editing, we have right to deny its acceptance
  • The writer must make the content readable by using subheadings, bullet points and cut it into short paragraphs, adding images with a no-copyright issue is acceptable.
  • If you have collected images from other website sources, you must give their proper credits
  • Include a short author’s bio at the bottom of your blog, through which gaining market visibility increases
  • Non-compliance of the mentioned guidelines enables us to reject content without prior-information

How to submit article?

  • Send an email([email protected]) or contact us for submit guest post
  • Kindly mention in email subject “Guest post Submission
  • Send your article or topic ideas for approval
  • Also send your sample works of guest post submission

For publishing article on our website, kindly pitch article ideas along with your sample works.

Here’s the deal, when you write for us health and  business, kindly fulfil all the above-mentioned guidelines for your blog, we would surely enable entrails use of the blogging platform for creating massive brand awareness through us.

Shine the Spotlight on Desihutti’s guest bloggers

With us working as a writer will get overall benefits, if they have the ability to pour their heart and soul into a written piece of material. If your work requires minor editing as we try our best to give our writers a chance to succeed in their purpose. When you write for us business, we have come across various guests’ blogs that have attained popularity within a limited span of time.

 Desihutti takes it as a responsibility to create coordination maintained between the writers and the readers. When you write for us fashion, equally this would encourage them to buy stuff or services from your respected website.  Once you write for us food blogs posts submitted and published, we hope that you are an active writer who gets a viewing of the commenter, reactors who would turn into subscribers for more pieces of your writings scrutiny. If all of the above information is adequate for you as a writer, you will receive a confirmation on your email-id with 1-2 working days. According to which our editorial team will approve your blog and will mail you with the date of publishing.

We are waiting for your contribution and if you have any queries feel, free to contact us we are happy to help you!

Once we received your article, it will be live on our website with in 24 hours.