What to Do in Amsterdam In Three Days

Amsterdam is the right place to go if you only have three days to visit a new city; what’s better than visiting the coolest city in Europe, host to some of the most popular landmarks in the world? From the Red Light District to the beautiful canals, Amsterdam is magic and, with some good planning, you can make the most out of your stay there.

To help you figure out what to do in Amsterdam in three days we have put together a list of attractions.

Where to stay

When choosing your accommodation in Amsterdam, make sure you will be relatively close to the city centre. This is mainly because all the most famous attractions are only a short walk from there and Dam square is at the heart of it. Of course, thanks to the great transportation links, you won’t be having any trouble going around!

What to Do in Amsterdam In Three Days

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When saying transportation links people immediately think about buses and trams, however don’t forget that Amsterdam is widely known for its incredibly advanced cycling paths so, why not renting a bike for the duration of your stay?

How to stay within your budget

Planning your trip in advance is a great idea to save money but, if you’re willing to save as much as you can during your stay in Amsterdam, then you should consider getting the “I Amsterdam City Card”. This gives you access to free unlimited public transport, a free canal cruise and free entrance to over 60 museums and attractions.

Since you’re planning to stay in Amsterdam for the city, you can order (online) the 72 hours City Card for as little as €95, which will allow you to move around the visit and access most of its great attractions. To know more about the card and order it, check out the dedicated section on the I Amsterdam website.

What to see

Once you have your accommodation and transportation sorted, you can start exploring the city and, depending on what your priorities are, here is a list of the best attractions you will find.

  • Heineken Experience: Take a unique tour in this beer brewery and be ready to learn everything about the brewing process, how to pour the perfect pint and enjoy a couple of complementary free drinks at the end of it!

Walk in the Heineken brewery and take this self-guided interactive tour during which you will discover the history of the company and all the natural ingredients used in the brewing process. You can enjoy your complementary drinks at the end of the tour on the building’s rooftop, from where you can enjoy a unique view over Amsterdam.

  • Vondelpark: Go green, cycle your way to this beautiful park, pack your lunch and have a lovely picnic to blend in with the locals.Amsterdam’s most famous park, visited by thousands of people every day, Vondelpark was built in1850, host to a variety of activities that ideal for kids and grown-ups. The suggested duration of your stay at this park is usually between 2 and 3 hours however, if you decide to bike around it, you’ll be able to visit the park in no time.
  • Red Light District: Of course, parks are nice, but what about Amsterdam’s world-famous Red-Light District? Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit this famous street, also known as Pleasure District, mainly out of curiosity, with people giggling as they look at the girls in the windows and at the sex shops open at any time of the day. We suggest you visit this place at night and remember that no photography is allowed, in order to protect the sex workers’ privacy.
  • Anne Frank House: When visiting a new city, it’s important to visit cultural sites as well; Amsterdam exceeds in this, with many museums shattered all over the city. The Anne Frank House, located in the young girl’s original house, is a biographical museum dedicated to the Jewish wartime diarist and one of the most touching experiences you will ever live. Definitely worth a stop!
  • Van Gogh Museum: With over 2million visitors only in 2017, the Van Gogh Museum was the most visited museum in the Netherlands, maybe you should check it out!An honourable mention also goes to the Rijksmuseum, located right next to the Van Gogh Museum and featuring an extensive collection from Rembrandt, Frans Hals and Vermeer.
  • Walking tour: As we said, Amsterdam hosts loads of beautiful bridges, which give you some breath-taking views to the canals and all the little boats. Whether you would like to explore the city by yourself, maybe following a map on your phone, or you would prefer to do it in a group, the options are endless. Around the city, in fact, there are many tour operators offering walking tours around different areas of Amsterdam. From the walking tour around the Red-Light District to a “city wandering” tour that starts from Dam Square.

And don’t forget to take loads of picturesas you tour around the small alleyways and canals!

  • Ice Amsterdam: If you’re a fan of ice skating, then this is the season! Make sure to check out Amsterdam’s ice rink and spend a fun couple of hours in this magic location. As every year, in fact, the Museumplein turns into a magic ice rink with the Rijksmuseum as a backdrop. The ice rink will be open from November 2018 until 3 February 2019, so make sure you don’t miss it!

Check out the official website for Ice Amsterdam if you need more information or to know more about opening hours and to buy your tickets in advance.

What to Do in Amsterdam In Three Days

Source: https://www.helloamsterdam.nl/app/uploads/2017/12/thingstodo-attractions-ice-amsterdam-2-600×400.jpg

These were only a few of the things you can do in Amsterdam and, even though three days are not a long time, check out the15 things to do in Amsterdam for more inspiration.

This city is one of a kind and, if you’re lucky enough to visit it at least once in your life, you should definitely make the most out of it.

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