Tips to Plan a Budget Friendly Trip in Dubai

Tips to Plan a Budget Friendly Trip in Dubai

A vacation plan should not just change in minutes due to the budget that you have in hand to spend. There are many places that we have around to visit but one must always have a thought to travel to the place that they have in mind and one such place is Dubai. There is an assumption that normal people can’t cope up with that luxurious & amazing place Dubai but to the contrast, one can plan their trip in the planned budget that too very comfortably. It is not only a place for people who live luxury life but also the people who can only afford to be in the mid-range can even find the hotels and all other facilities to stay and take the full enjoyment of the most beautiful place Dubai. There are plenty of options that would let the new to enter and take the pleasure of visiting Dubai, the world’s popular tourist place.

Yes, I agree that Dubai is known for the luxurious tourism and expensive living but it could be possible to fit in your budget with a change in the game of plan. Dubai trip could easily run you out of penny without a proper plan as there are some places that are very costly to afford and the places which are expensive to visit. In your budget, it not very hard to plan as there are many places which are free to visit. Here are some of the best tips that we got for you to plan your trip wisely and take the full enjoyment of the trip at your budget range only.

Book the Trip in Best Prices

There are many online travel portals that are getting the best travel experience to the people planning a trip. The fares change on daily basis but to sustain in the market and to compete with other travel portals,each site coming up with special discounts on bookings. So, if you are planning then make sure to save on your bookings. Do search well before booking because every travel portal has its own offer. Check the sites and find the right offer which can get you a meaningful discount on your bookings.

Stay at a Local Place than Any Luxurious Hotel

Dubai is a luxury place and and the hotels even cost more for a stay. In this case, you have 2 options, one is to choose a place where you can stay like the normal hotels at local places or make use of the hotel budget-friendly offers. These offers even help you to save a small amount on bookings. So, prefer to choose one option which better suits your budget and requirement.

Buy Gifts & Any Other Collection from Local Markets

Any trip of us would definitely include gifts and the things that we buy for the family and friends. There are plenty of malls, stores available to get you the best collection of gifts but they could be costly. We suggest you to choose the gifts from the local souks rather than trying things from the luxury shopping malls.

Use Dubai Metro Transport to Travel

Transportation is very much important for one, especially If you are a tourist. Cabs, Cars & other transportations can ask you to spend more. Whereas buses to travel everywhere might not be the right choice. Prefer to travel through the Metro which is convenient & fall in your budget as well. Moreover, some of the local travel sites which offer activities and trips would offer you a discount on train bookings as well. If you need it for a day then you can try to book a pass.

Make Sure to Plan Sightseeing on Your Own

Local portals which offer different activities & bookings would let you save the amount on bookings and a guide will assist you throughout your trip. If you can afford this take this chance to visit every individual place but you might have to spend more on bookings than sending at the activity place. You can start your journey with the help of a metro train to travel on your own to the place and take the full advantage of the activity or the attractions you wish to try within less budget.

Eat at Local Places

You will find every sort of food available to serve, even the street food here tastes amazing. To keep your scale as planning better you opt to have food at the local places rather than the luxury hotels and dining areas.

Don’t Tend to Have Alcohol

Though the people come here to find the best enjoyment, Dubai have restrictions for alcohol. You can find the Alcohol at certain places only that too you have to spend Upto $10 so skipping this one habit and resting to take Alcohol would let save some amount.

Places That You Can Visit Without Spending:

Camel Racing – If you wish to watch the culture here, you must have to visit this Camel Racing. You will only find to see such an amazing race where camels take place. The race during the November to March month at Dubai Camel Racing Club is one such amazing choice for tourists to visit and enjoy for free of cost.

Street Wrestling – This is the most amazing time to spend in Dubai. On every Friday noon, this street wrestling takes place where the Indian and Pakistani workers flight at the streets of Deira. You can enjoy the atmosphere and the fighting takes place here without spending any amount.

Crossing the Creek on a Boat – Dubai Creek the most beautiful place to visit and for enjoying the amazing ride in abra you just have to pay 1 Dirham. The water taxi would let you enjoy the weather and the super cool ride in the fishtail carved boat.

Horse Racing– If you are a horsing lover or wish to watch something like that then you definitely enjoy making of this chance to attend the horse racing which takes place on Thursday. This definitely one such free thing that you can take full benefit. Many people come over there to enjoy the racing every time so you must have to try it.

The Walk and Beach at Jumeirah- Even the walk at the beach like Jumeirah would make you enjoy the atmosphere. A peaceful walk in the evening you would love to have and moreover you will find to see the camels, a beautiful beach that speaks with you and free wifi.

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