The Importance Of Working With Right Packaging Company

Right Packaging Company

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Through the years we spent learning that the product you offer to your customers is what is important, there is a moment in every marketer’s life when we realize that it is not the product alone but the packaging that truly matters. If you are reading this and you are left confused as to what I am trying to tell you then let me clarify this for you. Let’s take an example of a shopper at a supermarket. He walks in looks at a box of cornflakes, which in this case can be the product you are offering. He does not know how the cornflakes taste or what it looks like; he has absolutely no previous experience with this particular product. So what is the customer’s decision-making factor in this case? We often hear that you should not judge a book by its cover, but in the market place, the package is all the customers look into while making a purchase decision. This is the first thing that the customers touch and feel in reality, the packaging labels and the material used is the first point of interaction they have with the product itself.

This is exactly why I said that the packaging is what truly matters because if it connects with your target customers, then your product is guaranteed to go back home with them. Many companies struggle to work with packaging partners because most likely they haven’t chosen the right partner to work with. This article will help you understand a few key elements revolving packaging and working with packaging partners.

  • What is packaging?
  • Why is it important to work with the right packaging company?
  • How to select the right packaging company?

What is packaging?

What is packaging

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Before getting into the details of how to work with a packaging company, it is important to refresh your memory on what exactly is packaging. A manufacturer only concentrates on producing the best version of a product to satisfy the customers’ needs. It is the packaging that helps manufacturers to deliver the product offering to the customers in one piece. This packaging design needs to be perfect because it has the capability to initiate a customer experience that resonates with the customer himself. It should be able to add value to the customers and it could be in terms of quality, convenience, usability and so on. Packaging is an element that is as important as the product to the customers as a research study revealed that approximately 36% of the purchase decisions are made on the basis of the packaging.

Why is it important to work with the right packaging company?

It is understood that in order to standout you need a good quality package, but it doesn’t end here. As mentioned earlier, many companies struggle to find the right packaging company to work with. It is very essential to work with the right packaging company for the following reasons:

  • Vision, time and budget: before setting a package design it is important to sit down and set guidelines and goals for the packaging, as it gives better direction while designing the package. For a manufacturer, it is essential to work with a good packaging company because this consultation process will help to devise the perfect packaging for the product. This vision will help in understanding the target customers and how to emotionally connect with them via the packaging. Once the vision is set, it is easier to accurately to set aside a budget amount and deadline for receiving the packaging. An absence of this step leads to delays, confusion and ultimately a poor end result that will affect the final product as well.
  • Creativity and varied options: Working with the right packaging team will help increase the number of creative ideas pertaining to a packaging option. Instead of generating a single packaging option, it is always advised to have a number of alternatives available to you. This needs to be accompanied by the availability of materials in abundance, as it will affect the overall presentation of the product.

Based on these elements, it can be easily concluded that working with the right packaging company is very essential. These are just two pointers, as the benefits of working with the perfect packaging company are numerous depending on your product and business vertical. The ultimate aim is to be able to grow a relationship with your partner, as it will help both the parties grow.

How to select the right packaging company?

How to select the right packaging company

Now that we know how important it is to work with the right packaging partner, we need to now find out how to select the right company. This is where many manufacturers struggle, and so the following tips may prove to be helpful.

  • Choose a packaging “partner”: it is important to discuss with the packaging company and deliver your goals and expectations with them before choosing the company to become your partner. You need to find a partner that can help you grow and abide by the company goals throughout the process. A packaging company is going to be a part of the manufacturer’s business for the long run, therefore, both parties need to set ground rules beforehand. If the packaging company you interacted with seems too rigid or uncooperative with regards to your company policies, then it is best to walk away and find a different packaging company.
  • Availability of materials: when you choose a company, be mindful of the fact that they should have a steady flow of any type of packaging material. Each type of product desires a certain type of packaging material; therefore before getting into a business alliance, it is important to look into this element.
  • Quality and time: in this competitive market it is important to deliver products with high-quality packaging. In order to make this easy, you could try to find out if they follow government guidelines and standards while creating packing material. Apart from this, a good packaging company must be able to deliver the commodity in time; as if they cannot then this will affect the manufacturer’s product delivery.

Packaging boosts your competitive edge in the market whether you are a manufacturer or a distributor. This element can help you thrive in the market and so it is very essential to be careful while choosing a packaging company to work with. Customers are easily drawn towards a package and at the same time, if not done right; it can drive away your customers as well. Set your business goals, understand your target audience and finally engage with a packaging company to provide your customers with the best possible product packaging.

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