Simple ways to overcomes sales anxiety

Selling is a true philosophy of persuasion, communication, and body language. It is a craft that needs a lot of work and preparation before you become successful in it. Some people have an intrinsically natural sense of persuasion for people, but these are a few exceptions that can be said to have been born with sales skill. On the contrary, many people face anxiety when they try to sell something.

Simple ways to overcomes sales anxiety

Anxiety, unfortunately, can be the cause of many broken deals. However, selling is a skill, and skills can always be learned. To overcome any fear and concern, you must first know the root of your fear. For example, the very product or service, the way we will present ourselves, the idea that we might be rejected, may all be factors that will trigger selling anxiety. Overcoming anxiety when selling requires working on your speaking abilities, the way you keep your body and of course a lot of knowledge in the area you are trying to sell.

You can use all these tips by practicing a few simple steps that will help you overcome anxiety in a short time.

1. Practice telling stories about your business

Who doesn’t like to hear a good story? Ever since we were little kids our parents kept us entertained by telling us interesting stories. Telling stories helps to get a visual display just from the spoken words. The stories are interesting for listening, are much easier to imagine, unlike a bunch of facts, and it’s a simple way to win or keep the attention of the potential buyer.

Telling a story can boost your sales skills. Remember oral questioning in primary school and how you prepared for them? The more you repeat the lesson, the more convincing, clear and upright you become. Plus, the knowledge that you can explain something practically gives more trust to your customers.

2. Prepare for each opportunity

You never know when a good opportunity can come. Therefore, you should always be willing to use every chance you get. This means internal preparation above all. Before you start working, prepare yourself that you might get rejected and try to put all emotions on the side.

Try to focus your customers’ talking and see if there is a way to get some sort of agreement between you. Keep in mind that not every attempt will result in a successful transaction. To overcome anxiety and get rid of pressure, you need to be clear about the conditions in which you are negotiating and to be slightly aware of the sales outcome. This will relieve you from the tension and improve your sales skills.

3. Take advantage of your emotional state

Taking advantage of the emotional state may sound rough, but in fact, it is only a sort of assessment of the best possible time to negotiate. This capability comes with experience, but you do not have to be an expert to evaluate when is the best time to try to sell something to someone. Therefore, you can actually use your emotional state. Think about which part of the day you would be most likely to talk. During lunch or maybe in the afternoon when you feel rested?

Just remember that even the best sellers had their own ups and downs before they became what they are today.

4. Think long-term

Long-term thinking does not necessarily mean setting high goals. It means strategic analysis, careful planning, and goal setting. Long-term thinking can help you to cope with anxiety. You need to be aware that not every success comes overnight, and that in order to succeed in your goals, you need to carefully plan each step.

As previously said, even the best ones had their tumultuous periods before reaching the top. A classic example is the Amazon giant, which for many years before becoming dominant in the market, struggled with a host of obstacles.

5. Set goals you can achieve

It would be great if only with one try we could achieve all our goals. Perhaps there are such cases in history, but the reality is that more people need a lot of effort and time before reaching their intentions. Be realistic with yourself and set goals that you can truly achieve and direct your whole focus to them.

Measure your sales activities once a month and realize how much time you have to reach the desired goal. In this way, you will get a perception of how much effort you need to put in order to fulfill your goals. If you are dealing with anxiety when selling, it’s okay to stay in your comfort zone for at least some time, then adjust to the situation and allow yourself to move further.

To do so, you can use the power of positive affirmations. In a way, you will be reminding yourself that you can do this. There are many apps through which you can record your affirmations and play them anytime you need motivation. Jinglow, Think Up or Smiling Mind, these are just a few of them. Find the one that fits you the most and boost your potential.

Selling is more than just an ordinary deal and a transaction. Selling is building relationships and trust with customers. Continue to exercise until you overcome the limit called anxiety and become a salesman that will achieve his goals with self-confidence.

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