Tips to Follow When Moving to a Cold-Climate City

Cold-Climate City

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Living in a tropical country and suddenly moving into someplace else with a much colder climate can be quite an adjustment. It’s more than just adjusting to an occasional Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and stone cold fingers. Moving somewhere else with a completely different climate has got to take quite some time of packing and preparation.

The Philippines is a tropical country located in Southeast Asia. Being a tropical country with 7,641 islands filled with majestic beaches, your first instinct would probably be to shy away from this state as it doesn’t have cities or seasons of cold weather. Well, hate to break it to you, but the Philippines actually has quite a few towns or cities that have a cooler climate than the rest of those in the country.

For one, Baguio is dubbed as The Summer Capital of the Philippines because of its year-round chilly and misty weather. Situated high up on the mountains, Baguio has easily become a favorite family vacation destination, especially during Christmas. Aside from Baguio, Tagaytay is also one. In fact, Tagaytay is recognized as the country’s Second Summer Capital next to Baguio. The good thing about Tagaytay is that it’s much more accessible, which also makes it a favorite weekend getaway spot.

However, not everyone would want to just go and leave these places. For some, staying and actually living in cold-climate cities is a dream come true. Planning to relocate soon? Here are a few tips to follow when moving to a cold-climate city:

Consider Getting A Chalet

Yes, you read that right, a chalet! Do consider getting a cottage if you still haven’t bought a home because this can actually save you from the coldest of nights, especially during December!

Tagaytay Highlands is the first and best mountain resort in the Philippines, and it is, in fact, also the first one to house Swiss chalets in a tropical country. The reason being Tagaytay the Second Summer Capital of the Philippines. Cooler climate, as compared to Manila, is experienced all year round, which is perfect for chalets! And, not to mention, Tagaytay Highlands’ Swiss chalets are not only designed to keep you warm during the cold but also to give enough breath of fresh air during warm summer nights. It works both ways, so it’s a win-win for you!

Invest In Warm Clothing

If you plan to move to a place with freezing weather, then you might want to invest in warm clothing. Your most significant investment should be a parka or any thick jacket to keep you warm at all times. Don’t worry, though, because thrift stores are actually your best friend! If you don’t want to splurge on parkas and other warm clothing, then you can check out your local thrift shops for these pieces.

Learn How To Layer

After purchasing your “winter” clothes, you have to learn how to layer them! Yes, you actually need to layer your clothes because one parka or jacket may not be enough, especially during the Christmas season when it’s much colder. My advice is, start wearing heat technology clothing underneath your jacket or parka so you’d feel even much warmer.

Make A Winter Survival Kit

Better be ready than not, right? In that case, you might want to prepare an emergency winter survival kit, just in case some things go wrong. Your kit should include the following:

  • a flashlight
  • thermal blanket
  • non-perishable, high-calorie snacks to get you through hunger
  • shovel (in case you live somewhere with really extreme snow)
  • water
  • a whistle
  • first aid kit

Have A Dog With You

Having a pet amidst the cold climate can be quite challenging, especially if they enjoy going on long walks around the neighborhood. But it’s worth it! Having a pet with you, no matter the climate or weather, is always a good idea. Just make sure that they, too, are kept warm at all times.

Wrapping Up

Moving into someplace cold is definitely thrilling. Still, you need to take precautionary measures because too much cold can actually cause some consequences like catching a cold more often, getting frostbite, and the like. Nevertheless, it’s going to be an exciting adjustment! Make sure to follow those tips mentioned above to keep you warm and ready at all times!

5 Best Locations for Exploring the Skies in 2019

For countless generations, human beings have stared at the sky in wonder. Its various aspects were precious to older humans, as well as present ones, and they used it for telling time, gave us astrology and horoscopes, and a variety of other functions. Furthermore, the sky also provides us with countless beautiful and mesmerizing images of planetary bodies and their movements. For example, as children, many of us may remember looking at clouds and trying to discern shapes from them, while traveling in cars or while on vacation.

However, light and air pollution from cities and towns make viewing the stars in the sky virtually impossible. Hence, enjoying the magnificence of the sky now means that we must travel to certain places.

Many of us enjoy traveling to new and exotic places for the experiences it provides us. Traveling helps you challenge not only your physical comfort zones but your mental ones as well. It can greatly boost personal growth as well as make you more knowledgeable and socially conscious. Thus, this list will highlight five prime locations where you can explore the skies in 2019.

1. Skydiving in Hawaii

Skydiving in Hawaii


Around the world, there are several different sites you could visit for an experience of this kind. If you are someone who enjoys a rush of adrenaline or have always wondered what flying feels like, then this is the activity for you. There are also many different aspects that you should think about before choosing a spot to skydive. Amongst the many spots, one of the most highly recommended is skydiving over Hawaii. The diversity of the landscape is what makes this one of the most beautiful sites for viewing mountains, rivers, and a bunch of other geographical features in a single dive. Still, this activity is not for the faint-hearted and you should be well-prepared both mentally and physically for it. Check out other skydiving spots around the world here.

2. The Northern Lights

If there is one activity that is on the bucket list of countless individuals, it is seeing the Northern Lights. Also referred to as Aurora Borealis, this phenomenon occurs when electrically charged particles from the sun come in contact with the earth’s geomagnetic field. The collision of such particles with atmospheric particles, like oxygen and nitrogen, produces a variety of colors. The sky is hence lit up with colors ranging from red to purple to green, making it one of the most spectacular sights in the world. The phenomenon also gets its name as it occurs in places close to the North pole, such as the Lapland regions in Finland. As such, the further away from light pollution that you go, the easier you can see the lights. Again, enjoying the lights also means that you should prepare for the biting cold and long nights. Hence, do your research before opting for this. Still, if the opportunity arises do not miss it!

3. Ladakh, India

Located in the region of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh is one of the most scenic places in all of India. The region contains numerous places where you can enjoy stargazing under a clear sky. Out of the many, one of the most highly recommended regions is that of the Nubra Valley. This valley lies in the Silk Route around 140km from Leh and offers an uninterrupted view of the milky-way galaxy.  Apart from the clear skies, the scenic landscape and the monasteries located across the region makes it immensely popular amongst motorcyclists. Traveling via motorcycle offers you the advantage of stopping and taking in the sights at your own time and leisure. Thus, if you own a motorcycle, you should consider bringing it with you on this trip. Check out some KTM parts online in preparation for the journey.

4. Visit the Himalayas

Visit the Himalayas


Mountaineering is one of the most popular activities across the world. For many people, climbing mountains is a great test by which they can check their physical and mental endurance. Mountains are another great place for stargazing as the peaks rarely experience light and air pollution. Concerning this, there are several regions in the Himalayas where you can enjoy stargazing. Amongst these, places like Spiti Valley, Sonmarg, and Pangong, provide some of the most beautiful landscapes as well as valleys for stargazing. Furthermore, the Himalayan ranges also boast several important geographical features, including glaciers that feed many Indian rivers and high peaks, like Mount Everest. Thus, you can visit them to not only get away from the hustle of everyday life but to also witness some of these natural wonders.

5. Ride a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey

Ride a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey


Originally invented in 1783, the world has come a long way since the first hot air balloon was tested. Since then, transport of humans and materials across oceans took place through leaps and bounds made by aerospace technology. However, riding in a hot air balloon can still be one of the most thrilling experiences of your life. The beauty of Cappadocia in Turkey has made it one of the most visited sites for riding a hot air balloon. The landscape has impressive rock formations and is located in the central Anatolian region. You can witness a 360-degree view of your surroundings at a slow pace hundreds of meters above the ground.


Whether you travel solo or with a friend or loved one, the experiences you have in life make you the unique individual that you are. Concerning this, you should always be on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities for experiencing a new culture, a new place, or even rediscovering your love for an old city.

In conclusion, while there are still many aspects of the sky and space that human beings are still discovering, its sheer vastness still leaves most of us mesmerized. Thus, we hope that this article successfully highlights some of the many ways by which you can explore the sky and hence discover a little more about our planet and yourself along the way.

6 Ways to Protect Your Eyes this Summer

6 Ways to Protect Your Eyes this Summer

Your eyes are one of the most important and delicate parts of your body. Which is why they are more likely to get infected during the summer,leading to a host of problems some of which may become permanent. Therefore it is important that you take good care of them. If you are having problems with your vision you should visit an optometrist as soon as possible. Here are 6 ways to protect your eyes:

  1. Regularly Washing Your Hands and Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

Washing your hands on a regular basis is the best way to protect yourself from the spread of infectious diseases. This simple practice is crucial for avoiding eye-related diseases such as conjunctivitis and glaucoma. Your eyes are more susceptible to infection after any type of eye surgery. Experts suggest that you wash your hands thoroughly before and after applying treatment to your eyes. Avoid rubbing your eyes.

  1. Using UV Protective Glasses while Swimming

Swimming without any goggles is harmful for your eyes as it strips away the protective layer that keeps bacteria out and lubricates your eyes as well. This makes your eyes dry and irritated, opening them up to a lot of infection possibilities causing you to experience blurry vision.

Thus swimming after Lasik eye surgery demands that you do not submerge your head underwater to increase protection against infection and allow your reshaped corneal tissue to heal well and infection free from the laser operation. Keeping your eyes chlorine free for 14 days also reduces the chances of unnecessary dry eye and minimizes the risk of eye infections.

Lasik eye surgery gives a clear vision of the lanes to swimmers in the pool as they are not able to wear contacts which also improve your swimming ability. High cost of prescription goggles is also eliminated.

Chlorine is designed to protect you from exposure to germs but a 2008 study reveals that regular exposure to chlorine has a negative impact on your eyes and vision.

  1. Your Diet Affects Your Vision

Your diet affects how well you see.

You are more likely to become dehydrated during the summer which can affect your eyes. Serious dehydration makes it harder for your body to produce tears leading to dry eye symptoms and other vision related problems. Drinking a lot of water improves your overall health and provides enough fluid for your eyes to function normally. Along with keeping yourself hydrated, eat a balanced diet high in fruits and vegetables but also low in saturated fats and sugar. Take in adequate amounts of zinc & selenium and some fatty acids from fish to keep your vision sharp. Adding certain nutrients to your daily diet through the foods you consume will you help preserve your vision.

  1. Keep Your Children Safe and Protecting their Eyes

A child’s ocular lenses do not filter out UV lights as proficiently as an adult’s, meaning that children suffer eye injury much easier than adults.

Most of you may realize that you should have protected your eyes in your youth. Its never too late to start with your kids though. 80% of any person’s UVR exposure occurs before they turn eighteen. Applysunscreen regularly, particularly on your child’s face. Accompany that with a hat and some comfortable sunglassesandyour child is protected.

  1. Better Vision due to Sleep

In today’s world, getting a good night’s sleep is easier said than done due to your hectic lifestyle. Your eyes require rest and according to research, people who stay awake as little as 18 hours a day are likely to suffer decreased cognition while carrying out visual tasks. When you feel tired, your eyes become dry which causes you to rub your lacrimal gland increasing exposure to irritants and diseases.

  1. Visit an Eye Care Professional to Preserve Your Vision

You should visit a trained professional who specializes in taking care of the health of your eyes. Have your eyes checked and tested on a regular basis to keep them in good health. Don’t hesitate to ask questions regarding your eyes and always have a vision test done.

If you don’t have any vision problems during your 20s and 30s-Visit an eye care specialist every 5-10 years.

Every 2-4 years between the age of 40 and 65.

Every 1 to 2 years after the age of 65.

Travelling To the New 7 Wonders of the World

Have you ever wondered about the Wonders of the World with awe? Are you one of those backpacker who dreams of visiting all of them? But you must be aware of different lists of the Wonders of the World that have been compiled from the ancient times to the present day for cataloguing world’s most magnificent natural wonders and manmade structures. Most prominent are being the Ancient or Classical and the Modern Seven Wonders of the World.

Magic of Number 7

The Seven Wonders of the World is the first recognized list of the top-most astonishing creations of classical antiquity. It was created by following guidebook trendy among Hellenic (Hellenic – a synonym for Greek.) tourists. Surprisingly, the list only includes such wonders that are to be found around the Mediterranean rim and in Mesopotamia.

Why New 7?

It was the Swiss entrepreneurs Bernard Weber and Bernard Piccard who took initiative to come up with a new list of Seven Wonders. It was indeed a necessity as only one sole survivor still exists out of seven wonders – the legendary Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Interestingly, except Pyramids at Giza other Six Wonders vanished from the newly updated list. But the Pyramids at Giza have been included in the list as an honorary status along with 7 New Wonders.

New 7 Wonders of the World

New7Wonders of the World is a campaign (2000–2007) which was initiated in 2000. It was aimed at selecting the Wonders of the World from a short-listed 200 existing monuments. The New7Wonders Foundation, Zurich, Switzerland, organized the popularity poll and on 7 July 2007, the winners were announced in Lisbon.

The new seven modern wonders of the world are consists of the Taj Mahal of India, Machu Picchu of Peru, The Great Wall of China, Christ the Redeemer statue of Brazil, Chichen Itza of Mexico, Coliseum of Italy, Petra of Jordan.

1. The Taj Mahal, India

The Taj Mahal is a wonderful mausoleum made of white marble which is located on the banks of river Yamuna in Agra. It is regarded as the archetype of Indian Islamic architecture. In honour of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal it was carefully created by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. The construction of Taj Mahal was completed in 1643, and it has been inspiring and influencing thousands of artists, poets, and sculptures from across the world.

Taj Mahal

2. Machu Picchu, Peru

In 1911, US explorer Hiram Bingham excavated this Inca site – Machu Picchu. It is situated in Andean mountain top. The Machu Picchu, now in a ruined state was a pre-Columbian city. the site remains undamaged even after centuries passed. It was built during the 15th century as a mountain retreat for the rulers of the Incas- Pachacuti Yupanqui. You can see some of the most astounding architectural designs that include terracing systems, water storage system and religious monuments.

Machu Picchu

3. The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is a 2,400-km long wall that elongates along the southern side of China’s Mongolian plain. The Ch’in Emperor built it in the 3rd century. The successive dynasties appended it afterward. The purpose of building such a huge structure was to check the entry of northern nomads into China. The structure is so huge and long that it could be seen from the space.

The Great Wall China

4. Christ the Redeemer Statue, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro’s skyline is marked with an awesome statue of Jesus that stands 130 feet high. The statue with arms elegantly stretched out is the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. It is located on the top of the Corcovado Mountain. It is an icon of Roman Catholicism in Brazil.

Christ the Redeemer Statue

5. The Chichen Itza, Mexico

During the time of the Mayan civilization, the ancient city the Chichen Itza was established. Regarded as one of the most prosperous Mayan city, it is located in the northern part of the Yucatan Peninsula. The structures raised in Chichen Itza characterized by a blend of Mexican and Puuc architectural styles.

The Chichen Itza

6. The famous Colosseum of Rome, Italy

The famous Colosseum of Rome is a grand amphitheatre that was built by the Roman Empire in the 1st century AD. It was designed to accommodate 50,000 spectators at a time. It is a huge and impressive structure with great historical significance. The Colosseum was built to host gladiatorial combats that were in fashion at that period of time.

The famous Colosseum of RomeThe famous Colosseum of Rome

7. Petra, Jordan

Petra, the capital city of the Nabateans during the 4th century is an old ruin in Jordan. For a long time, it was also a prominent religious center for the Arab world. Old structures, which are hundreds in number, still stand tall with pride in Petra. Some of the renowned structures are the Khazneh el-Farun and the El Deir.

Petra Jordan

How to See All Seven In 4 Weeks

Visiting Machu Pichu in Mexico, taking romantic sheltie at the Tajmahal or witnessing the never-ending Great Wall of China is everybody’s dream. Many of you must have had a future plan for this. But is it possible to cover all 7 wonders within 4 weeks if you visit them in a single tour? Yes, it is very much feasible. With some smart planning, researching hotels, flights, and booking hotels, sight-seeing and excursions you can easily visit all of the Seven Wonders of the World within 28 days. This is an ideal route that takes minimum time and quite convenient to cover all seven wonders – New Delhi – Agra – (New Delhi) – Beijing – (New Delhi) – Rome – Amman – Cancun – Rio de Janeiro – Cusco – (Rio de Janeiro) – Delhi


You should plan carefully to realize your dream of visiting all or any of the 7 Wonders of the World. You are now aware of the new wonders, their locations, and why they are famous for. Just act prudently by researching the sites and estimating the possible expenses. Don’t forget about other logistic arrangements including travel insurance and emergency plan. You may go on a one log trip covering all wonders or can focus on one at a time. So, it’s to take actions to realize your dream of visiting New 7 Wonders of the World.

Places of tiger safari In India

Tiger safari cost in India

There are 51 Tiger reserves in India which are home for 70% of total Tiger population in the world. The jungle and reserve are primarily located in the northeastern part of the country. There are few popular Tiger safari in India at the southern region and only 3 in the western region in Rajasthan.

List of Tiger  reserve across India

State Name of Tiger Reserve
Uttarakhand Rajaji Tiger reserve
Jim Corbett Tiger reserve
Uttar Pradesh Pilibhit Tiger reserve
Dudhwa Tiger reserve
Bihar Valmiki Tiger reserve
Rajasthan Sariska Tiger reserve
Ranthambore Tiger reserve
Mukundra hills Tiger reserve
Madhya Pradesh Panna Tiger reserve
Bandhavgarh Tiger reserve
Satpura Tiger reserve
Pench Tiger reserve
Kanha Tiger reserve
Sanjay -Dubri Tiger reserve
Maharashtra Bor Tiger reserve
Navegaon- Nagzira  Tiger reserve
Tadoba Tiger reserve
Nagarjunasagar-Srisailam Tiger reserve
Melghat Tiger reserve
Telangana Amrabad Tiger reserve
Kawal Tiger reserve
Goa Kali Tiger reserve
Karnataka Bhadra Tiger reserve
Nagarhole Tiger reserve
Bandipur Tiger reserve
Kerala Mudumalai Tiger reserve
Parambikulam Tiger reserve
Periyar Tiger reserve
Tamil Nadu Annamalai Tiger reserve
Kalakkad mundanthurai Tiger reserve
Sathyamangalam Tiger reserve
Chattisgarh Indravati Tiger reserve
Odisha Udanti Sitanadi Tiger reserve
Satkosia Tiger reserve
Similipal Tiger reserve
West Bengal Sunderbans Tiger reserve
Jharkhand Palamau Tiger reserve
Assam Buxa  Tiger reserve
Manas Tiger reserve
Orange Tiger reserve
Kaziranga Tiger reserve
Nameri Tiger reserve
Pakhui Tiger reserve
Namdapha Tiger reserve
Mizoram Dampa Tiger reserve

If you are traveling to any part of the country you can indulge in the adventurous sport of spotting a tiger in the most natural habitat.

But among the 50 reserves, we have listed down a few popular tiger safaris. The chosen safari is the most popular Tiger safari in India because of the following crunch;

  • Easy connectivity from the cities
  • Comfortable and luxurious stay
  • High chances of spotting Tiger
  • Destination to spend the holiday with family and friends
  • Experienced and knowledgeable guide
  • Value for money

List of popular Tiger Safari in India

Among 51 tiger reserve, we detail 7 safaris which are most popular among tourist during their stay in India.

 A) Anamalai Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu

Anamalai Tiger Reserve

This Tiger Safari in Tamil Nadu is located near Coimbatore and Pollachi city. You can take a flight from any big cities to Coimbatore or any train to Coimbatore or Pollachi and then can reach the Anamalai Tiger reserve by private cabs. The Tiger Reserve is popular because there are high chances of spotting the tiger. The best time to visit the Anamalai Tiger Reserve is from December to February. You can get a comfortable stay for Rs 3000-Rs 6000 in some good resort like Great mount coco lagoon, Abaraa resort within 20km, Hornbill hideaway jungle resort ( Topslip). The place is also popular for having a bumpy elephant ride, on the beautiful landscape with waterfalls and mountains. It is advisable to pre-book the elephant ride and Tiger Safari to avoid hassles during peak seasons.

B) Nagarhole National Park, Karnataka

Nagarhole National Park

This tiger reserve is situated in Mysore district of Karnataka. You can easily reach here because there are so many direct flights from other countries to Mysore airport. Nagarhole National Park is famous for its high density of Tigers so one can easily get a chance to spot tigers here. Weather conditions are more pleasing during the month of October, November, March, and April when the water holes are dry and the animals come out to visit the lake. You can get a stay for Rs 3000-6000 in some good resorts of Mysore such as Jungle inn, The Bison, and Waterwoods lodge.

C) Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National park is located in Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh. You can reach here by taking private cabs and taxis from the popular nearby city Jabalpur. The park is known for its high population of Tigers and various species of other animals such as Indian Leopards, Deers and more. You can get a comfortable stay at Rs 9000 per day in Bandhavgarh National Park resort and Syna Resort. You can also get a chance to visit the popular Khajuraho temple which is located at a distance of 50 km from the National Park. The best time to visit this place is from October to June.

D) Pench Tiger Reserve

Pench Tiger Reserve

Pench Tiger Reserve is one of the famous tiger reserves in India which is situated in the Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh. You can take a flight from any big cities to Jabalpur or Nagpur and then you can reach the National Park by private cabs and taxis. The park is famous for its high population of Royal Bengal Tigers. Apart from tigers, the park is also home to more than 250 species of Birds and other animals. The comfortable stay at Pench Jungle Camp and Tiger & wood resort will cost you around Rs 6000 per day. The best season to spot tigers here would be February, March, and April.

E) Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is another popular place to spot Tigers in India. The national park is located in Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan. You can take a flight from any big cities to Jaipur then you can reach the National Park by taking private cabs, bus, and Trains. The park is home to many tigers, leopards, and crocodiles and there are strong chances to spot Tigers roaming in the park. The comfortable stay in Ranthambore Tiger Resort and Ranthambore Haveli will cost you around Rs 6000 per day. The best time to visit this park is summers (October to June) when tigers come out to Visit Jungles.

F) Sariska Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan

 Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sariska Tiger Reserve is located in Alwar district of Rajasthan. You can take flights from any big cities to the nearby cities like Jaipur and New Delhi and then can reach Sariska Tiger reserve by private cabs and taxis. The national park is famous for its high density of Tigers so there are huge chances to spot tigers in the Park. The comfortable stay in Alwar Bagh & Ram Bihari Palace will cost you around Rs 6000 per day. The best time to visit this park is from October to November.

G) Kaziranga National Park and Tiger

Kaziranga National Park

The Tiger reserve in Assam is near to Tezpur and Guwahati city. You can take a flight from any big cities to Guwahati or any train to Tezpur and then can reach the Kaziranga National Park by private cabs which will cost around Rs 2000.

The Tiger Reserve is still popular even though has very low chances of spotting the tiger, but very high chances of spotting Single horned Rhinos. The only place to see the tough extinct species makes the park all-time favorite among family and kids The best time to visit ch the Kaziranga National Park is from November to April.

You can get a comfortable stay for Rs 2000-Rs 3600 in some good resort like Jupuri Ghar/ Landmark Woods. It is advisable to pre-book the elephant ride and visit the park with children to spend the most memorable holidays with family. You can also visit world-renowned Kamakhya temple in Guwahati on your return.

There is a jungle waiting for you there and you will surely have the wild time during your tiger safari in India.

5 Best Cruises from Singapore

Singapore is a cosmopolitan country welcoming everyone with an open heart. The high-class infrastructure, the profound education system, the developing economy, and tourist industry have earned fondness for this country in recent few years.

The amalgamation of newly developed technology in the strong traditional culture is the biggest strength of this country. The moment you step down to the” land of the lion” you capitulate yourself to the Skyscrapers, Universal Studio, Sentosa Island, Underwater Aqualife, Night Safari, and the beaches. The new Marina Bay is a harbour for luxurious Cruises that route their way to India, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and to many more nearby islands. Singapore is aptly known as to as the” key to the Pacific ocean”.

There are many cruises boarding from Singapore and it is quite a task to choose one to spend your holiday. Every cruise is luxurious and meaningful in its own way. Still managed to list down

5 best cruises of Singapore.

Voyagers of the Seas: (Royal Caribbean)

Voyagers of the Seas

The world cruise pioneer Royal Caribbean  has the feather of their hat anchored at Marina Bay

Know Your Cruise

Capacity:3114 passenger

Decks:  15 decks

Built in year:2003


Trip: Round trip from

Day 1 Singapore

Day 2    Penang (Malaysia),

Day 3.   Phuket

Day 4 cruising

Day 5  Singapore

Cost: Rs 20000/- to Rs 25000 per person

Amenities:  Swimming pools, Sky pad Rocks, climbing wall, mini golf course, ice skating rink, jogging track, spa, and yoga fitness center, Surf simulator.

After having makeover worth  $90 million Voyager of the sea is now one of the most exciting and glamorous Cruises of Singapore. Cruise has been updated and the latest attraction from 2018 is launchpad of the virtual world which has a new bungee Trampoline experience Sky pad.

Best suited for: family, honeymoon couple, singles, people who are looking for an active and enthusiastic vacation.

Oops the aberration !!: Overcrowded, not easily available, old interior

What to expect from your cruise: The Voyagers of the sea Cruise of the sea is one of the most popular and oldest Cruises of Singapore. The Royal Caribbean international under which this cruise run is the oldest and pioneer of managing cruise tour all over the world. Hence you can expect great services, luxurious ambience and spellbinding entertainment throughout your trip. You can enjoy the Broadway-style entertainment in theatre or stomp your feet on Pub and lounges. The Casino Royale is the most popular casino among all the cruises.

Norwegian Jewel

Norwegian Jewel

Norwegian Jewel is jewel ship of Norwegian Cruise line proudly sailing on the gigantic ocean of South Asia

Know your cruise

Capacity:2376 passenger

Decks:  15 decks

Built in year:2005


Trip: Round trip from

Day 1 Singapore

Day 2 cruising

Day 3.  Koh Samui

Day 4 Bangkok(Laem Chabang)

Day 5 Bangkok(Laem Chabang

Day 6 Sihanoukville

Day 7 Cruisin

Day 8 Phu My

Day 9 Cruising

Day 10 Da Nang

Day 11 Hanoi

Day 12 Cruising

Day 13 HongKong

Cost: Around Rs 1 lakh and above for twin sharing

Amenities:  Swimming pools, Gardens, spa and yoga fitness center, courtyard, kids playing area, kids pool, multi-cuisine restaurants, cafes, and bar.

The real attraction is the hot stone spa, private luxurious courtyards, kids safe and exciting water splash game making it a hit among kids and glamorous Cruises of Singapore.

Best suited for: family, kids, singles. people who are looking for relax and quality family time

Oops the aberration !!: Overcrowded, too noisy and not best options for honeymoon couples with kids all around.

What to expect from your cruise:

Norwegian cruise is one of the oldest cruises of Singapore which is popular for its supreme dining options and the exclusive courtyard with private swimming pool and gaming area. The 10-12 days stay is spend on the fully engaging activities on the decks and also spending some time in the islands like Bangkok and  Hanoi. The extravaganza and detailing in the interior of every corner will  amaze you throughout your cruise

Genting Dream Cruise

Genting Dream Cruise

Genting Dream Cruise is an Ace of operating Dream Cruises all over the world. The cruise is exclusively illustriously designed a piece of an architect to float over southeast Asian sea

Know your cruise

Capacity:3352 passenger

Decks:  19 decks

Built in year:2016

Trip: Round trip from

Day 1 Singapore

Day 2 Pulau Redang

Day 3.Sihanoukville

Day 4 Bangkok(Laem Chabang)

Day 5 Cruising  day

Day 6 Singapore

Cost: Around Rs 1 lakh and above for twin sharing

Amenities:  Swimming pools, Gardens, spa and yoga fitness center, courtyard, kids playing area, kids pool, multi-cuisine restaurants, cafes and bar, private villas, theatre, dancing area, library

The real attraction is the array of events being held on the cruise to keep all their voyagers engaged in the fun filling experience. The massive ship has a luxurious and royal decor to illuminating your princely dreams.

Best suited for: family, kids, singles. people who are looking for relax and quality family time

Oops the aberration !!: Overcrowded, less experienced staff.

What to expect from your cruise:

As the name suggests, the Genting Dream cruise from Singapore is a fairy living on board. The five-star amenities, the personalized services, the comfortable stay, and the spectacular dining experience world surely make your trip a lifetime cherished moment. Explore the underwater life by diving in clean seawater of Pulau Redang and indulge in some cheap shopping in Bangkok. Book this amazing singapore cruise package today and start your journey ASAP.

Sapphire Princess Cruise

Sapphire Princess Cruise

Sapphire cruise is the twin  sister ship of Diamond Princess and is owned by Princess cruises It is one of the best-built ships of the world and sails periodically in South East Asia

Know your cruise

Capacity:2670 passenger

Decks:  13 decks

Built in year:2004


Trip: Round trip from

Day 1 Singapore

Day 2 cruising

Day 3.  Kota  Kinabalu, Malaysia

Day 4 Cruising

Day 5 Nha Trang, Vietnam

Day 6 Phu My, Vietnam

Day 7 Cruising

Day 8 Sihanoukville

Day 9 Bangkok(Laem Chabang)

Day 10 Ko Samui

Day 11 Cruising

Day 12 Singapore

Day 13 cruising

Day 14 Kuala Lumpur

Day 15 Singapore

Cost: Ranging from Rs 8000 per day to 15000 per day

Amenities:  Swimming pools, Gardens, spa and yoga fitness centre, courtyard, kids playing area, kids pool, multi-cuisine restaurants, cafes and bar.

The real attraction is jammed packed performance from artist all around the world, high-class cabaret performance and the lively atmosphere around the deck.

Best suited: singles. people who are looking to have a splendid time with their loved ones, who love to dress up and flaunt their best attire in ballrooms.

Oops, the aberration !! Music and sound all day.less amenities for kids and too many profanities talked about.

What to expect from your cruise: The cruise is grandeur, royal and extravagant lifestyle on the water. There is nothing simple on the sailing castle. As the name suggest expect to experience the majestic and royal stay and enjoy the fine and lavish dining in the gem-filled restaurants.

Celebrity Millennium Cruise

Earlier running under Royal Caribbean was sold to the Chinese travel company in the year 2014. Since then the ship has been renovated to provide gala time to its profound and prestigious voyagers.

Know your cruise

Capacity:1950 passenger

Decks:  11 decks

Built in year:2000


Trip: Singapore to Japan

Singapore to Dubai

Singapore to Australia

Cost: Around Rs 1 lakh and above for 10 days

Amenities:  Swimming pools, Gardens, spa, and yoga fitness center, courtyard, kids playing area, kids pool, multi-cuisine restaurants, cafes, and bar.

The real attraction is 2 stories music library and the high technology enable theatre. The ship is scheduled under renovation in initial months of 2019, which will be surprisingly fashionable in the coming year.

Best suited for: family, singles. people who are looking for relax and quality family time, couples.

Oops the aberration !!: since it been renovating work in progress might keep the ambience bit untidy, not much to do for kids.

What to expect from your cruise: Celebrity cruises are a pioneer in hocking the luxury and comfortable stay in the illustrious decked ship. The massive boat not only sails through water but also anchored down at some amazing island destination on its route. The 24/7 dining options and formal evening party will keep you elevated throughout your trip.

The cruise ship is floating town of peripatetic voyagers who want to relax and enjoy their journey.

5 Off the Beaten Path Spots in Wisconsin Dells Only Locals Know About

When it comes to planning a family vacation that’s guaranteed to be a hit with travelers of all ages, there’s no place quite like the Wisconsin Dells. This southern Wisconsin hot spot is highly-popular with vacationers looking for a place that ranks high on the waterpark, amusement park, and overall entertainment scale. Anyone looking for an indoor or outdoor thrill complete with concession stands is sure to find something that fits their taste and style when they hit up The Dells. Some of the Wisconsin Dells destinations have become so well-loved over time, that they are practically household names. Every true Dells enthusiast will inevitably perk up whenever Noah’s Art or Mt. Olympus are mentioned in combination with sprawling theme parks bubbling over with watery fun.

But what about the rest of The Dells? Like every destination on the map that’s earned its popularity, The Wisconsin Dells has much to offer beyond the big-name establishments if only you know where to go. Don’t skip out on the amusement parks, they’re of course an essential part of the fun, but if you have extra time to go off the beaten path or are looking for a new itinerary that contrasts the one you used last time around, these five spots might just be for you.

Rocky Arbor State Park

Rocky Arbor State Park


The waterparks are sure to amaze but when you’re on the hunt for a moment to commune with nature, the Wisconsin Dells is an oasis of lush forest and foliage just waiting to be explored. Rocky Arbor State Park is a massive 244-acre area in the northern region of the Wisconsin Dells that provides visitors with incredible opportunities to hike, picnic and view wildlife. The park first opened to the public in 1932 when it was designed as a space dedicated to preservation. The park is packed full of sandstone bluffs and breathtaking ledges that make for amazing photographs and even more stunning scenery as you hike. Towering trees and a gentle creek make this area particularly peaceful while campsites and amenities are available at designated areas in the park for those hoping to stay a while longer and immerse themselves in the experience. Whether you come for a day or plan to stay out in the elements for longer, Rocky Arbor State Park is a natural gem in the amusement capital of the United States.

House on the Rock

Sitting at 5754 State Road 23 is one of the Wisconsin Dells most unique landmarks known as The House on the Rock. What began as the project of one man by the name of Alex Jordan in 1945 to build a house on top of a rock in The Dells grew into a mind-bending work of architecture and art. Even more incredibly, the house continues to grow and expand to this day! As additions continued to be added to this incredible home, it transformed into a museum of mysteries which included rooms dedicated to the weird, fascinating and questionable.

Today, guests can come in and wander through entire rooms turned exhibits dedicated to dolls, the circus, Japanese gardens, carousels, musical organs, aviation, model ships and much more. Depending on what time of year you arrive, the house hosts tours that focus on seasonal delights including Christmas trees and darker-themed displays during Halloween. Today, the home is one of three associated attractions which also include an Inn and a resort. Come and experience the home or make time to wind your way through all three for a sensational trip unlike any other in The Dells.

Vertical Illusions

Vertical Illusions


In the mood for an adrenaline rush that takes you beyond the waterpark gates? Make your way to Vertical Illusions at 2433 Dells Parkway for an all-seasons opportunity to take adventure to new heights. In the summer months, the highly skilled staff at Vertical Illusions is ready and waiting to help guests have the experience of a lifetime with a ziplining trip through Chimney Rock Park. Over 100-miles of lines carry you over cliffs and canyons for stunning vantage points witnessed from incredible heights. If you feel like something a bit slower paced with the same amount of excitement, book a rock-climbing excursion through the park and take advantage of the Wisconsin Dell’s dynamic landscapes dotted with cliffsides beckoning the adventurous at heart. Kayaking, repelling and paddle boarding are all on the agenda when you make time to spend a day at Vertical Illusions. If you happen to arrive during the winter, the options are still endless. Vertical Illusions offers zip lines throughout the year alongside snowshoeing, snowboarding, ski rentals and ice climbing tours.

Big Sky Drive-In Theater

Big Sky Drive In Theater


Film buffs and those looking for a place that speaks to a time gone by won’t want to miss a chance to enjoy a movie at the Big Sky Drive-In Theater. Sitting on Highway 16, this outdoor theater is one of the last in Wisconsin and well worth the trip. Visitors are treated to films on two full-size screens. Stay for two films with an admissions ticket while only paying for one! The traditions of outdoor movie screenings are alive and well at Big Sky with guests able to enjoy a variety of snacks from an outdoor concession stand including homemade Sloppy Joes. The theater is open from the month of May until the weather declines in the fall. Guests can expect to see the same films available in standard indoor theaters as Big Sky Drive-In plays the most current cinematic hits.

H.H. Bennett Studio

The Wisconsin Dells may be a modern marvel of family-fun, but it has a rich history that’s been carefully captured in pictures and is available to guests who take time to visit H.H. Bennett Studio at 215 Broadway. This charming and historic studio was built in 1875 and today gives visitors a close look at the photographs that H.H. Bennett took in decades past that put The Dells on the map. The studio is a wonderful chance for guests to browse a collection of photographs and artifacts that track the history of photography specific to this part of the country. Look through the lens of historic cameras, travel back in time with a story told through a stereoscope and wander through the original storefront that hosted the Bennett business. Before you leave, be sure to have your own image captured in time with a photograph to commemorate your time in the Wisconsin Dells.

A New Way to Visit the Wisconsin Dells

The Wisconsin Dells has a way of captivating the imaginations of visitors to the point it quickly becomes an annual destination for families. Whether you’ve been here a million times or are looking for a first visit that combines the best of the expected and off the beaten path stops, the Wisconsin Dells is sure to please and surprise.

7 Tips to make your winter trip protectable

Winter is one of best season of the year that people like a lot because of so many holidays and festivals. People like to make winter trips with friends and family. However, winter trips might be a hard time for you and your vehicle because it presents hazards and risks of its own. The roads can be slippery. Although, we all like winter trips but making sure nobody gets in an accident is equally important. Therefore, if you want to make your trip protectable and enjoyable then you need some preparations before hitting the road. There are 8 simple but important tips that will help you to make your winter trip protectable.

1. Prepare yourself for winter driving

Preparing yourself before going on a winter trip is necessary. Sometimes it can be very stressful especially when you plan to go on a winter trip with your family and you are the one responsible for driving.  Many questions might come to your mind regarding winter driving. Therefore, when you are planning a winter trip, you need to prepare yourself.  If you are not feeling well then postpone your plan and stay home. Learning winter driving techniques is good idea to prepare your-self for winter driving.  Here you can collect all essential information that is important for safe driving such as which type of vehicle is good for on icy road, how you should control your vehicle on icy roads, driving speed, safe distance, and most important thing how you can survive when you are stuck half way. Learning winter driving techniques is the best way to increase self-confidence.

2. Plan your journey

First of all you need to plan your journey. Remember, it is the most important aspect especially if you are going on a winter trip and are going to a place where you have never been before. Therefore, first you need to plan your journey. Collect all information about that place where you are going – collect information about the weather and road conditions. You can collect weather conditions via news stations and weather sites. By the news station and weather site you can continue getting the information about the weather.  You can also list the famous and popular places and hotels where you might be comfortable to eat, stay or just unwind for some time. It not only saves you time but also makes your journey protectable. You can also take a map along with you in case internet connectivity fails while traveling. If you see the weather and the road condition is not good for the upcoming days then postpone your plans until the time the weather is fine.

3. Check your car before going on the road

Don’t ignore to check your car before going on the road. A well maintained car reduces the risk of many kinds of accidents.  Checking your car before going on the road is most important if you want to make your winter trip protectable and also enjoy your trip without any problems. You can hand over your car for car servicing before actually making a long trip.  Car servicing is the best way to improve your car’s internal and external conditions. There are many important things that are needed to be considered in terms of your car when you are checking your car for a winter trip.

  • Check your car battery. Cold temperature reduces the battery power, so if your battery condition is not good – you see any cracks or your battery is too old then you need to replace it.
  • Make sure your tire pressure is correct.  We recommend you to use winter tires for your vehicle because during winters the road can be slippery and it might cause an accident. However, here the best thing is that winter tire grip is too good on the icy road roads as compared to normal tires.
  • Check your car engine coolant, antifreeze level, brakes and lights. Make sure all of them work perfectly.

4. Put an emergency kit in your car

As mentioned above, planning and preparation is most important if you want to make your journey protectable. That’s why you need to put an entire emergency kit with all the necessary things you need during the winter trip in your car. This should include a jumper and tool kit, shovel, spare tire, extra batteries, washer  fluid, blanket, first- aid supplies, flares, and extra cloths. Include extra water bottles and emergency food packs since during the trip if you are stuck on the half way; you can survive easily.

5. Avoid distraction

During driving you need to avoid distractions like listening to music, watching videos, texting and eating food because all these things can easily distract you and you might lose your focus on driving. It is not only dangerous for you but also dangerous for other drivers on the road.

6. Maintain your speed

Avoid high speed especially when you are driving during the winter seasons. Driving slowly is the powerful key to maintain control of your car on icy roads. Apart from this, you might also need to keep safe distance of your vehicle and the other vehicles on the road. During the winter seasons visibility might not be good so, it is important you maintain safe distance. It reduces the chances of road accidents.

7. Don’t forget to take a cell phone

Before leaving your home you need to confirm you have cell phone with you. Always take a cell phone with you. Cell phone plays an important role to protect you when you going on winter trip. For example; if you stuck half way, by the cell phone you can contact your friends, and relatives for help. Apart from this, if you are going to a new place and you forget the way then using navigation on your smart phone you can easily access the right location.

These are most important things that are important for everyone to remember when you are planning to go winter trip and also want to make your winter trip protectable. Very few people think about it. When we talk about the winter trips then we only think about the car conditions. It is a good thing, but we should not forget there are so many other things that are necessary for safe winter driving like collecting weather information. Make your journey protectable by follow these 7 simple tips. Enjoy your winter trip!

Tips to Plan a Budget Friendly Trip in Dubai

Tips to Plan a Budget Friendly Trip in Dubai

A vacation plan should not just change in minutes due to the budget that you have in hand to spend. There are many places that we have around to visit but one must always have a thought to travel to the place that they have in mind and one such place is Dubai. There is an assumption that normal people can’t cope up with that luxurious & amazing place Dubai but to the contrast, one can plan their trip in the planned budget that too very comfortably. It is not only a place for people who live luxury life but also the people who can only afford to be in the mid-range can even find the hotels and all other facilities to stay and take the full enjoyment of the most beautiful place Dubai. There are plenty of options that would let the new to enter and take the pleasure of visiting Dubai, the world’s popular tourist place.

Yes, I agree that Dubai is known for the luxurious tourism and expensive living but it could be possible to fit in your budget with a change in the game of plan. Dubai trip could easily run you out of penny without a proper plan as there are some places that are very costly to afford and the places which are expensive to visit. In your budget, it not very hard to plan as there are many places which are free to visit. Here are some of the best tips that we got for you to plan your trip wisely and take the full enjoyment of the trip at your budget range only.

Book the Trip in Best Prices

There are many online travel portals that are getting the best travel experience to the people planning a trip. The fares change on daily basis but to sustain in the market and to compete with other travel portals,each site coming up with special discounts on bookings. So, if you are planning then make sure to save on your bookings. Do search well before booking because every travel portal has its own offer. Check the sites and find the right offer which can get you a meaningful discount on your bookings.

Stay at a Local Place than Any Luxurious Hotel

Dubai is a luxury place and and the hotels even cost more for a stay. In this case, you have 2 options, one is to choose a place where you can stay like the normal hotels at local places or make use of the hotel budget-friendly offers. These offers even help you to save a small amount on bookings. So, prefer to choose one option which better suits your budget and requirement.

Buy Gifts & Any Other Collection from Local Markets

Any trip of us would definitely include gifts and the things that we buy for the family and friends. There are plenty of malls, stores available to get you the best collection of gifts but they could be costly. We suggest you to choose the gifts from the local souks rather than trying things from the luxury shopping malls.

Use Dubai Metro Transport to Travel

Transportation is very much important for one, especially If you are a tourist. Cabs, Cars & other transportations can ask you to spend more. Whereas buses to travel everywhere might not be the right choice. Prefer to travel through the Metro which is convenient & fall in your budget as well. Moreover, some of the local travel sites which offer activities and trips would offer you a discount on train bookings as well. If you need it for a day then you can try to book a pass.

Make Sure to Plan Sightseeing on Your Own

Local portals which offer different activities & bookings would let you save the amount on bookings and a guide will assist you throughout your trip. If you can afford this take this chance to visit every individual place but you might have to spend more on bookings than sending at the activity place. You can start your journey with the help of a metro train to travel on your own to the place and take the full advantage of the activity or the attractions you wish to try within less budget.

Eat at Local Places

You will find every sort of food available to serve, even the street food here tastes amazing. To keep your scale as planning better you opt to have food at the local places rather than the luxury hotels and dining areas.

Don’t Tend to Have Alcohol

Though the people come here to find the best enjoyment, Dubai have restrictions for alcohol. You can find the Alcohol at certain places only that too you have to spend Upto $10 so skipping this one habit and resting to take Alcohol would let save some amount.

Places That You Can Visit Without Spending:

Camel Racing – If you wish to watch the culture here, you must have to visit this Camel Racing. You will only find to see such an amazing race where camels take place. The race during the November to March month at Dubai Camel Racing Club is one such amazing choice for tourists to visit and enjoy for free of cost.

Street Wrestling – This is the most amazing time to spend in Dubai. On every Friday noon, this street wrestling takes place where the Indian and Pakistani workers flight at the streets of Deira. You can enjoy the atmosphere and the fighting takes place here without spending any amount.

Crossing the Creek on a Boat – Dubai Creek the most beautiful place to visit and for enjoying the amazing ride in abra you just have to pay 1 Dirham. The water taxi would let you enjoy the weather and the super cool ride in the fishtail carved boat.

Horse Racing– If you are a horsing lover or wish to watch something like that then you definitely enjoy making of this chance to attend the horse racing which takes place on Thursday. This definitely one such free thing that you can take full benefit. Many people come over there to enjoy the racing every time so you must have to try it.

The Walk and Beach at Jumeirah- Even the walk at the beach like Jumeirah would make you enjoy the atmosphere. A peaceful walk in the evening you would love to have and moreover you will find to see the camels, a beautiful beach that speaks with you and free wifi.

Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Do While You’re In South America

Top 10 Things You Should not Forget

My travels to South America the past few years have brought me so much happiness, rich and unforgettable experiences plus so many new friends.

At first, I was quite reluctant to come here because of the negative things I hear about this region. But, alas, I couldn’t contain my curiosity.

I just had to see what South America has to offer.

Surely enough, South America did not disappoint. I instantly fell in love with all the things that come with this place.

How I prepared for the ultimate experience

I spent a few weeks completing a Spanish language program because I wanted to enjoy an authentic experience when I travel around the cities and towns in South America. Also, I wanted to communicate with the majority of the locals and understand how things work without relying much on the tourist guides.

Additionally, I tried to read a bit about their culture and tradition. I wanted to make sure that I don’t do anything that will upset the locals.

Things I love to do while in South America

There are so many things that I got to experience when I went to South America. I’d like to share with you the top 10 things that you should never ever forget to do when you fly to this side of the world.

#1.  Marvel at the beauty of the Iguazu Falls

Nothing can really beat the feeling you get while looking at the Iguazu Falls. The waterfall system of Iguazu is the largest in the world. It sits between the borders of Misiones, Argentina and Parana, Brazil.

My friends recommended going to the Argentinian side of the waterfall system, so I went there and it was one of the most amazing experience I ever had!

I felt so energized just by marvelling at it. It’s unlike any other waterfall system that I’ve seen in other countries.

#2. Head to the Uyuni Salt Flats of Bolivia

You may have seen thousands of pictures of the salt flats of Bolivia on Facebook or Instagram because it’s quite a popular tourist destination in South America.

I dreamt of coming here ever since I read about it from a book in high school. When I came to the see the Uyuni salt flats, I was extremely excited.

If you plan to camp here, do make sure that you bring enough heat insulating materials. It may be terribly hot during the day, but the temperature severely drops during the evening.

#3. Come to see the glaciers in Patagonia

Come to see the glaciers in Patagonia

Patagonia is this quiet region shared by Chile, Argentina and the Andes region. While Patagonia offers plenty of breathtaking attractions, my top favorites are the glaciers.

According to the people I talk to in Patagonia, the region has around 300 glaciers. I’ve only been here once so I never got to see all the glaciers. So far, I got to see the Perito Moreno, Upsala, San Rafael and Viedma Glacier.

While marvelling at the beauty of each glacier, you should also try listening to the roaring sound that they produce.

#4. Explore Chile in a rental car

During my third visit to South America, I explored a number of amazing destinations in Chile with a few friends. We opted to share a rental vehicle so we can see volcanoes, lakes and waterfalls together.

It was a super worth-it road trip. It went by so smoothly because we had a nice, smart and professional driver. We took route 7 or the Carretera Austral route because everyone said that it’s more exciting and challenging.

The route starts at the Puerto Montt and ends at the Villa O’Higgins. The route is about 1,240 km long, so it took us around 5 days to complete the trip.

#5. See the Salto Angel in Venezuela

If you can’t make it to the Iguazu Falls, you should at least check out Angel Falls in Venezuela. It’s also quite a sight to behold. It is the highest waterfalls in the world at 3,212 feet.

To go to Angel Falls, you need need to fly to Canaima. You’re going to fly in a 3 to 5 seater plane to get to Puerto Ordaz to Canaima. Once you’re in Canaima, you have will need to take a boat ride with one of the guides. They will take you to Salto Angel.

#6. Learn how to Tango while you’re in Argentina

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina is the best place you can learn how to Tango. Although I’m not really a good dancer, I definitely wanted to know a thing or two about this dance.

Together with some friends, I took quick lessons from a professional dance instructor. You should try it too! It’s definitely an enjoyable experience.

#7. Enjoy the festivities in Brazil

If you love attending festivals, you better fly to Brazil in the first week of March to enjoy the Rio Carnival. It’s an annual celebration filled with music and dancing.

It’s the biggest carnival in the world so you can expect to celebrate with millions of excited tourists from all around the globe.

#8 Snowboard or ski in the Bariloche, Argentina

South America is not only known for its monstrous glaciers. They also have snowboarding and ski resorts at Bariloche, Argentina.

In case you’re not a fan of skiing or snowboarding, you can explore the town center instead. You can try their scrumptious chocolate desserts and pastries at the Chocolates Rapa Nui.

#9 Take a plunge in any of Brazil’s beaches

Take a plunge in any of Brazil’s beaches

Brazil has some of the best beaches in the world. Some of the best beaches you can go to includes Ipanema, Caraiva, Taipus de Fora, Praia de Pipa, Praia do Sancho and Porto de Galinhas. Pack your best and most colorful swimwear when you come to Brazil’s pristine beaches.

#10 Spot some whales or dolphins in Chile

As a young child, I love watching whales and dolphins, so I was super psyched when I heard that you can go whale and dolphin watching in Chile. If you’re lucky, you might even see Magellanic penguins.

I hope you enjoy your trip to South America! If you’re not sure what to do while you’re there, just follow my suggestions above.