7 Tips to make your winter trip protectable

Winter is one of best season of the year that people like a lot because of so many holidays and festivals. People like to make winter trips with friends and family. However, winter trips might be a hard time for you and your vehicle because it presents hazards and risks of its own. The roads can be slippery. Although, we all like winter trips but making sure nobody gets in an accident is equally important. Therefore, if you want to make your trip protectable and enjoyable then you need some preparations before hitting the road. There are 8 simple but important tips that will help you to make your winter trip protectable.

1. Prepare yourself for winter driving

Preparing yourself before going on a winter trip is necessary. Sometimes it can be very stressful especially when you plan to go on a winter trip with your family and you are the one responsible for driving.  Many questions might come to your mind regarding winter driving. Therefore, when you are planning a winter trip, you need to prepare yourself.  If you are not feeling well then postpone your plan and stay home. Learning winter driving techniques is good idea to prepare your-self for winter driving.  Here you can collect all essential information that is important for safe driving such as which type of vehicle is good for on icy road, how you should control your vehicle on icy roads, driving speed, safe distance, and most important thing how you can survive when you are stuck half way. Learning winter driving techniques is the best way to increase self-confidence.

2. Plan your journey

First of all you need to plan your journey. Remember, it is the most important aspect especially if you are going on a winter trip and are going to a place where you have never been before. Therefore, first you need to plan your journey. Collect all information about that place where you are going – collect information about the weather and road conditions. You can collect weather conditions via news stations and weather sites. By the news station and weather site you can continue getting the information about the weather.  You can also list the famous and popular places and hotels where you might be comfortable to eat, stay or just unwind for some time. It not only saves you time but also makes your journey protectable. You can also take a map along with you in case internet connectivity fails while traveling. If you see the weather and the road condition is not good for the upcoming days then postpone your plans until the time the weather is fine.

3. Check your car before going on the road

Don’t ignore to check your car before going on the road. A well maintained car reduces the risk of many kinds of accidents.  Checking your car before going on the road is most important if you want to make your winter trip protectable and also enjoy your trip without any problems. You can hand over your car for car servicing before actually making a long trip.  Car servicing is the best way to improve your car’s internal and external conditions. There are many important things that are needed to be considered in terms of your car when you are checking your car for a winter trip.

  • Check your car battery. Cold temperature reduces the battery power, so if your battery condition is not good – you see any cracks or your battery is too old then you need to replace it.
  • Make sure your tire pressure is correct.  We recommend you to use winter tires for your vehicle because during winters the road can be slippery and it might cause an accident. However, here the best thing is that winter tire grip is too good on the icy road roads as compared to normal tires.
  • Check your car engine coolant, antifreeze level, brakes and lights. Make sure all of them work perfectly.

4. Put an emergency kit in your car

As mentioned above, planning and preparation is most important if you want to make your journey protectable. That’s why you need to put an entire emergency kit with all the necessary things you need during the winter trip in your car. This should include a jumper and tool kit, shovel, spare tire, extra batteries, washer  fluid, blanket, first- aid supplies, flares, and extra cloths. Include extra water bottles and emergency food packs since during the trip if you are stuck on the half way; you can survive easily.

5. Avoid distraction

During driving you need to avoid distractions like listening to music, watching videos, texting and eating food because all these things can easily distract you and you might lose your focus on driving. It is not only dangerous for you but also dangerous for other drivers on the road.

6. Maintain your speed

Avoid high speed especially when you are driving during the winter seasons. Driving slowly is the powerful key to maintain control of your car on icy roads. Apart from this, you might also need to keep safe distance of your vehicle and the other vehicles on the road. During the winter seasons visibility might not be good so, it is important you maintain safe distance. It reduces the chances of road accidents.

7. Don’t forget to take a cell phone

Before leaving your home you need to confirm you have cell phone with you. Always take a cell phone with you. Cell phone plays an important role to protect you when you going on winter trip. For example; if you stuck half way, by the cell phone you can contact your friends, and relatives for help. Apart from this, if you are going to a new place and you forget the way then using navigation on your smart phone you can easily access the right location.

These are most important things that are important for everyone to remember when you are planning to go winter trip and also want to make your winter trip protectable. Very few people think about it. When we talk about the winter trips then we only think about the car conditions. It is a good thing, but we should not forget there are so many other things that are necessary for safe winter driving like collecting weather information. Make your journey protectable by follow these 7 simple tips. Enjoy your winter trip!

Author: Richard Brenner

Richard Brenner is associated with car detailing Toronto for the past couple of years; he has been providing tips and advice to people looking for car detailing services. Apart from that Richard also writes about various topics related to car maintenance, safe driving, technology and traveling.

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